Everyone in wakesurfing knows that a clean boat is almost as important as a clean wave and the guys from Hula Boat Care are making it easier to maintain a fresh shine on the shred sled. We are stoked to announce a full line up of Hula Boat Care products in the slayshTank Online Store and endorse these products as the only spray on the slayshTank boats! Check out the press release and videos below for more information on the products and keep you eyes on the Tank this wakesurf season.
Launched in 2010, Hula Boat Care is determined to share our passion for marine surface care with like minded boat enthusiasts. Inspired by the relaxed life style of the South Pacific and with 17 years of surface care experience we have created a concise line of marine compounds, polishes, cleaners, waxes and vinyl cleaner that smell pleasant and are made with the highest quality ingredients to our precise standards. Each professional grade product is tested, analyzed then packaged. Enthusiasts enjoy the fact that they are easy to use and require minimal effort to get lasting results. Located in Austin Texas we are proud that our compounds, polishes, cleaners, waxes and vinyl cleaner are made in America, biodegradable and recyclable to be environmentally responsible.
Gnarly Water Spot Remover
Water spots drive you crazy? Wish you could wipe down your boat and chill after a fun day on the water?
Gnarly Water Spot Remover + is formulated using a blend of fruit acids. This formula effectively breaks-up and dissolves lime, mineral deposits and similar contaminants that have bonded to the surface without stripping wax. The spray on and wipe off formula means gel coat, paint, glass, chrome and vinyl wraps are cleaned quickly while unique polymers add protection to your boat leaving the surface feeling slick. Engineered to be biodegradable Gnarly Water Spot Remover + can be used on the water.

Riptide Liquid Compound
Does oxidation making your boat look old? Your red boat looks pink?
This product is specifically formulated for gel coats and hard finishes to quickly cut through and remove heavy oxidation, deep stains and blemishes that prematurely age a boat. Special diminishing abrasives cut quickly and break down into a coarse polish to treat the surface and restore luster. This product is designed to be used with a rotary polisher and a wool pad and for best results we recommend to be followed up with Hang Ten Cleaner Wax to achieve maximum gloss.