Shred Stixx Announces New Custom Series and New Shaper

Shred Stixx Custom

The original wakesurf company is back with an all new Custom Series for serious wakesurfers looking to build a board to specification.  Continuing a long tradition of working with the best riders and shapers in the sport, Shred Stixx has teamed up with one of the top shapers in wake surfing to bring a new series of custom wake surf boards.

Featured is the Big Chief Noserider available as the evolution of the classic longboard for wakesurfing. This true wake-style longboard allows the rider to effortlessly walk and nose ride, while still being able to carve down the line. The Big Chief Spooner is a classic board for cruising behind the boat.

Skill Level: Beginner to Advanced Competitor.

Board weight: 6 lbs

Recommended Rider Weight:

  • up to 360lbs

Shred Stixx Custom Boards are available in other shapes, sizes and fin configurations, as well as color combinations and graphics options. Give us a call or email today to discuss building your perfect Stixx!

Phone: 512 669 1124


The TAPS3 Surf System from Tige Boats: It only does everything


Tige’s all-new TAPS3 Surf System with the highly acclaimed Surf Link remote changes the way you wakesurf. Switch your side, style or size instantly, and without ever losing the quality of the legendary Tige surf wave.

Tige Boats is not a stranger to pushing boundaries, and the TAPS3 Surf System is no exception. Since its origin, Tige has adapted to the nature and demands of watersports by refining the art and craft of wake control. Built on every Tige innovation from the original TAPS System (Tige Adjustable Performance System) to the shape of the patented ConvexV Hull, the all-new TAPS3 Surf System conquers the demands of both convenience and quality, all while intuitively connecting riders to their surf wave like never before.


Surf Link was the first remote control to the game for wakesurfing—and has been the front-runner ever since. With just one click on the waterproof, floatable remote, wakesurfers can adjust the length, height, shape, and style of their surf wave, while also transferring from side to side. With the Surf Link remote in hand, wakesurfers can take control without relying on the driver, giving a dynamic new perspective to wakesurfing.


Tige has always believed that the most natural and powerful wakesurf waves are produced at the slight list of 7°, and we are staying true to our roots. The TAPS3 Surf System is a list-enhancement device, shifting your Tige into its prime wave producing position in less than three seconds after a transfer.


When you’re ready to switch it up, your Tige is ready to perform and deliver its notorious surf wave on both sides of the boat. TAPS3 produces the quickest, cleanest, and most powerful surf wave on the market, all while making the other side of the wave fair game within three seconds.

Mick Fanning speaks of ‘miracle’ survival after arriving back in Sydney following shark attack

Australian surfer Mick Fanning has spoken of his “miracle” tale of survival and vowed not to turn his back on surfing after escaping a shark attack “without a scratch” at the J-Bay Open in South Africa.

Fanning arrived in Sydney this afternoon, thankingwell-wishers for their messages of support as he wheeled his luggage through the airport.

Dramatic vision showing a shark knocking Fanning off his board during his final against fellow Australian surfer Julian Wilson made headlines around the world on Monday.

Fanning described the terrifying moment the shark nudged the back of his board.

“It sort of came up and went for the tail of my board,” he said.

“I don’t know why it didn’t bite. It just kept coming back.”

He said he vividly remembered seeing the shark’s fin and watching “grey starting to turn to white” as the shark rolled on its side.

“I was on top of it, trying to put my board in between us,” he said.

“I don’t know if I punched it hard or if they were baby punches. I just went into fight or flight.”

Fanning said he was waiting with his “fist cocked” for the shark to return as jetskis and rescue boats sped towards him.

“Once my board was gone I thought that was it,” he said.

Wilson, who paddled towards Fanning as the shark attacked, spoke of the horror of seeing his friend and mentor being “manhandled” by the animal before a wave rose between the two surfers, obscuring his view.

“I honestly froze and … I was kind of freaking out,” Wilson said.

“I came over the wave, praying he would be there and not … with blood everywhere.

“The worst case scenario is in your head.

“I felt like I couldn’t get there in time.”

Wilson said he feared he would have to swim beneath the water to find his friend.

“It was such a horrific feeling,” he said.

‘I’m just lucky it wasn’t my time’

A New Wakesurf Video from Superlative Visions and Waterloo Surf Craft

Waterloo Surf Craft // Morgan Lohmeier from Superlative Visions on Vimeo.

Check out the new wakesurf video from our friends at Superlative Visions featuring the shredding of Austin local Morgan Lohmeier and Waterloo Surf Craft.

Surf’s up, Austin: Developers plan massive water park for surfers

A massive water park catering to surfers backed by a high-profile Denver businessman is being planned for the Austin area, with developers hoping to open in 2016.

The developers behind the project – dubbed NLand Surf Park – aren’t offering too many details outright, but a website set up for the venture touts the project as a 12-acre wave pool with 11 different surf areas catering to surfers of all abilities, novice to pro. Think of it as a wave pool on steroids.

Doug Coors, descendant of Coors Brewing founder Adolph Coors, is named as the founder and CEO of NLand Surf Park. Backing is being provided by Colorado-based 9th Street Capital.
A location for the surf pool has not been disclosed by the developers, however, the Austin American-Statesman reports that permits have been filed to construct a 160-acre water park with multiple attractions at near Austin-Bergstrom International Airport.
According to the website, the massive lagoon would be able to generate waves up to six-feet tall that can crest and curl, ideal for surfing. The technology behind the project was developed by the Spanish engineering firm Wavegarden, according to the website.
A 2011 video produced by Wavegarden demonstrating the capabilities of its wave-generating technology shows surfers cutting across moderately-sized waves in a temporary lagoon set in a grassy meadow.

Also, the NLand website says the lagoon will be filled with “self-sustaining” rainwater, able to operate even in the driest of Texas droughts.
Many popular surf parks are typically small, swimming-pool-sized lagoons that replicate surfing conditions by rushing water over a sloping plane. The plans described on the NLand website would dwarf that project.

In Orlando, plans for a large Ron Jon Surf Shop-branded surf park were floated in 2004, but never came to fruition. At the time it was proposed, development costs were estimated to be $10 million.
In the U.K., developers are planning to open a surf park called Surf Snowdonia this year in Wales. A similar project on the Hawaiian island of Oahu, featuring a 4 acre surf lagoon, is being developed with an opening date set for Summer 2017.
And though it’s not a surf park, in terms of scale and cost comparison, the recently opened Hawaiian Falls Waterpark in Pflugerville cost $23 million and covers 21 acres.

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