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As a media company slayshTank provides an opportunity for both growing brands and established companies to connect with customers, riders, and media professionals in the exploding wakesurf industry. Contact us for more information about how slayshTank can help your brand or business connect with the wakesurf industry. From graphic design, photography, web design, film, and music production, the slayshTank production team consists of creative minds and determined individuals. Each individual offers their own specialized services and we encourage organizations looking for creative work to contact our production team.

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slayshTank: The Riders Coalition

Rider Profiles

slayshTank has quickly become the fastest growing community of riders one the web. We offer each rider with a stoke for shred, slaysh, or schralp to become of part slayshTank and the riders coalition. This program includes a rider profile page, 30% store discount on all products, and opportunities to participate in exclusive slayshTank promotions.

The Coalition

The coalition consists of photographers, board shapers, authors, artists, video editors, and advocates that represent the slayshTank lifestyle. Each member of the coalition contributes to the Tank in some capacity and brings the brand to life through a shared passion for creativity. Send us an email for more information on how to become involved with the Tank.

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Partnering Companies

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