“Wakesurfing, the Big Craze Right Now,” Scott Byerly Introduces 2012 Wakesurf Line Up

As hard as it is for the wakeboard industry to come to terms with the exploding wakesurf industry, we see industry veterans like Scott Byerly admitting that wakesurfing is in fact, “the big craze right now!” and scrambling to modify a wakeboard or two and try to call is a wakesurf board.  Check out this video introducing the 2012 Byerly skim boards as further evidence the wakeboard brands should stick to making wakeboards and let the wakesurf companies stick to designing and making surf boards.  (cough, cough, lame, cough). 


2012 Rockstar Energy Drink/Byerly Boards Promo

2012 Byerly Boards / Rockstar Energy Drink wakeskate team.

Riders: George Daniels, Brandon Thomas, Brett Little, Steve Campbell, and Scott Byerly

shot, edit, and produced by Steve Campbell

additional footage by Matty Maloy.

Byerly Team trip to Miami

Riding from Scott Byerly, Brandon Thomas, George Daniels and others.  Even Jeff King is stoked on wakeskating.  Chopped by Brandon Thomas.

Byerly Miami Team trip from Byerly Boards on Vimeo.

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