2016 Shred Stixx Bamboo – 4′ 11″

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The 4’ 11” Bamboo features fa quad fin set up and a refined template and rocker profile for fun cruising for the entire family. This board offers a true surf style ride to the widest range of skill levels and weight classes with enhanced durability from the bamboo finish on top and bottom deck. The quad fin set up allows the board to be ridden as a quad for hard driving aerial maneuvers or a twin fin for easy day cruising behind the boat. The 4’ 11” offers incredible drive and allows all riders to stay in the wave and sharpen their wakesurf skills.

Construction: Epoxy bamboo finish with foam core and balsa wood stringer for light weight build and enhanced durability

Length: 4’11”
Width: 20 3/4”
Thickness: 2 1/4”
Volume: 26.6 liters
Fin Set Up: Five fin
Weight Range: Up to 220 lbs

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