Nubster Fin


The Nubster Fin was a developed as center fin addition to eliminate squirly effect associated with your quad-fin boards without the loss of free movement.  The fin was made famous during the Quiksilver Pro New York contest , where Kelly Slater used the 5th fin on his quad. According to Kelly’s report “that fifth fin just tightens and smooth’s the whole thing up.” which is the basis for the fin design.

For wakesurfing, nubster fins are being used as center fin replacements on thrusters, and as rear replacements on quads.  They are a great way to loosen up the board and make it much more maneuverable in the pocket without sacrificing that signature drive. Order one for a thruster set up (tri fin) or the set of two for quads, or three if you have a 5-fin set up.

The Nubster Fin is sold individually.

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