Shred Stixx Wakesurf Company was founded by sport pioneer Jerry Price in 1999 out of Discovery Bay, CA and quickly became the leading developer and manufacturer of premium hand shaped and glassed wakesurf boards in the industry. Now based on the shores of the Lower Colorado River in Austin, TX, Shred Stixx ocean roots embody the surfing lifestyle with a commitment to driving the progression of wakesurfing and ensuring fun for the entire family. With a board for all sizes and skill levels, the new quiver has been designed to offer the closest simulation to ocean surfing. With manufacturing based both here in the USA and overseas, Stixx strives to offer customers the highest quality in the industry with a true surfing experience behind the boat. Call or email Stixx today for ordering information and check out the 2013 line up in the slayshTank Online Store.
Phone: +1 512 669 1124