DailyStoke.com began when a couple of surfers wanted to create a daily compendium of surfing-related posts from a wide variety of contributors, from across the United States and beyond, very much like the spirit of slayshTank.com and our commitment to bringing our readers a daily dose of wakesurfing news and information. Their website is loaded with ocean surfing commentary, images, product reviews, photos of wipeouts and all the cool, stupid, and bizarre things in the surfing world. They have been truly stoked to do some great interviews with everyone from Kelly Slater and Andy Irons to Rabbit Bartholomew, Wingnut and Laird Hamilton. Check them out for your ocean surfing fix and read what they had to say about the 2013 line up from Shred Stixx Wakesurf Company. Click the image below to read the full article at Daily Stoke!

Click the image above to read the full review for Shred Stixx 2013